Exclusive Interview with Sean Tyas

Welcome back to Philly! How does it feel to be back?

Really really nice actually! I think its been about a year and a half and I love coming here. One of my first gigs ever in America was in Philly over at Emerald City so its always nice to come back to this city.

Are there any new projects coming up that you can tell us a bit about? I know you took some time away and we didn’t see your name as much in the Trance- sphere.

It wasn’t necessarily time away; I was doing other styles. I was doing some Electro stuff just to kind of sharpen my teeth a little bit. I guess I felt I wasn’t getting to the next step with Trance. But now that I’ve experimented with the other styles, I’ve really gotten a lot more production techniques under my belt. Now that I’m making more trance, I’ve been able to integrate these techniques into my trance sound. Its really cool because now I feel like I’m doing something a lot more fresh. You’ll hear that in my new track that’s coming up “Now You See”... it was just debuted last week on ASOT and will be coming out in December. You’ll hear a lot of the new sounds and my new techniques coming in this track.

Do you have any plans for collaborating with any vocalists? Or is there a vocalist that you really want to collaborate with in the future?

There’s a couple of tracks coming up! I’ve done three tracks with Fisher; two of them are almost done and one is completely done. She also sang on the latest track that I did with Noah Neiman called “Lose My Logic” and I’ve done three more tracks with her, just her and me. I also have a track with Joel Madden from Good Charlotte that was pretty cool. I’ve done a remix for Alex Kunnari and Joel Madden’s track called “City of Sin” and I really like this one and I’m really excited about it. I’m really curious to see how the fans react to it because its trance, its definitely trance, but its at 130 and its more pounding.

We were talking a little bit before about New York and the trance scene there as well as your upbringing there. How has New York influenced your style?

Before I even starting going clubbing I was into rave music even when I was young. From age 11 to about 16, I was into Hardcore and Drum n’ Bass. From that point on, after I got introduced to the New York club scene I was listening to house because that’s what the Tunnel was playing and stuff like that. Slowly, over the course of like three years, I got more into trance with the likes of Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto. It was good because we actually had them coming out; PVD came out about once a month for Twilo and again with the Roxy every three months. It was pretty awesome like we were a bit spoiled. That’s how it was and that definitely shaped what I wanted to do; we got enough Paul Van Dyk to really give me direction.

Lets talk about your relationship with Tom Colontonio. How did that relationship come to be?

I think it was my brother actually. My brother was living in Philadelphia for a while after college. We had come to meet Tommy through Emerald City. Tommy was doing trance at the time like hardcore, we were all doing like the 140 stuff and I’d just released my EP Mirella. Tommy was really really into that and we did a show at 114. After that night, Tommy and me have been close as hell.

How do you manage being a DJ and a dad? Are your daughters really into your music?

They love the music and they come into the studio all the time and rock out. They’re 4 years old and 2 years old right now. As far as being a dad in this scene, you tour on the weekends. I know tons of families where the father goes to work before the kids are even awake and then come home after they’re sleeping. I’m home from Monday through Thursday, at the very least, all day since my studio is based at home. Its awesome because they see me all day, they come in and out when they want, we have all the meals together, I put them to bed and read them bedtime stories; we have tons of contact, I’m just off on the weekends. Its kind of the reverse of “normal” family life, but it works!