Feature Friday: A TomorrowWorld Endeavor

Matt Lynch tells the story of his trek to Chattahoochee Hills, GA for the first installment of TomorrowWorld.

Hello party people! The following words are about the musical journey that I and a large group of people traveled to called TomorrowWorld!

The festival itself was nothing that America has ever experienced due to the lengthy/talented line up, massive amounts of people (140,000), special effects/theatrical performances, and generally sincere good vibes! TomorrowWorld was THE best experience of my life, as it was for thousands of others! Festival season is not far away once again...and I would strongly recommend TomorrowWorld on your list.

The journey for me started in a gas station parking lot where we gathered our team from Philly...no easy task as you can imagine. We eventually made it on the road and came to the general consenous that 'everything will fall in place', even if the whole convoy wasn't together. This is where it gets interesting…

After leaving the designated meeting spot in Atlanta near the festival grounds, we ended up RIGHT behind the group of friends that didn't make it to the meeting spot. We contacted them and confirmed that it truly was them in front of us...what were the chances of that?!

After getting our provisions, we proceeded on with the trek of finding TomorrowWorld.  Finally, we found our destination and began the next phase in festival mode; claiming your campsite. We split into two teams, one carrying all our tents and the other carrying all of the provisions.  It was about a mile walk full of fire ants, humidity, and overall frustration for everybody.  You had to earn your right to party which made it 101 times better! After an all-out effort of working to create camp together and getting everyone’s supplies, we achieved our goal! We were all finally together, set up, and ready to prepare for the pregame event called “The Gathering”.

I had the best time of my life and will remember this experience and the connections I made forever. It's definitely a magical thing; shows and festivals...there's always bumps in the road but things always find funny ways of working themselves out.  We were all part of musical history and no one can take that back! The connections we made, the music we enjoyed, and the time we spent was like nothing that can be put into words. That’s what it’s all about, the music; now go get lost in it!