We Are Trance In Philly

"Trance Is Dead" is one of those phrases that I think all of us are tired of hearing. For about a year now, many people have been complaining that their favorite trance artists are either departing from that "real trance sound", OR that promoters are not doing a good enough job of booking the right trance acts and more of them. I have definitely seen this trend, and at times prior to this year, have been frustrated at the fact that only more "mainstream" Trance artists were being booked for the sole purpose of selling out a crowd. Having met the team at ESE, and having begun to work with them, I assure that we have made it our mission to bring the best that Trance has to offer, and that we have the hearts of our Philly trance fans in mind.

ESE has spent a good portion of the year trying to find and bring the best in trance to Philly, we've managed to book artists for shows such as: Sean Tyas for Trancegiving, Simon Patterson for a 4 hour Ignite set, Cosmic Gate, Aly & Fila (which was one of our best shows to date), Max Graham for a 4 hour Ignite set, and most recently the queen of Psy trance herself, Lisa Lashes. In other words, to the Philly trancefamily: WE'VE got your back. That isn't to say however that we aren't always open to suggestions as to who you guys would like to see us bring trance wise. We LOVE trance, and spend a good portion of our day listening to all of it; the progressive, the more underground groovier trance, the 140, AND the psy, so we have a full grasp on the concept that the mainstream just isn't gonna cut it anymore. 


If you have not already, we encourage you to attend and immerse yourself in our series of events entitled 'Ignite'.  The whole point of our Ignite series is to create that intimate, deep, dark, rabbit hole-like experience where you can truly lose yourself in the music that we all are so passionate about; from Trance to the Deeper styles and even Techno. 

Speaking of Ignite, we have two monster announcements coming your way this Monday, so make sure you Keep it Locked to our twitter and facebook pages...we guarantee you don't want to miss these announcements! 

We ARE Trance in Philly, and we want YOU to be a part of it. Always let us know what Trance artists you want to see in our city, and remember: ESE is Trance in Philly and we're here to give the true Trance fans what they need. We'll always do our best to bring you your favorites/the best trance has to offer at the current moment!

As we have said before and will say again: "The thing about Trance is, it's whatever you want to be. It's spiritual, it's emotional, it's a journey and it's one HELL of a f**king party!"

AUTHOR: Matt Altman; Chat with me on twitter @MTeam140