I'm sure by now everyone has had the chance to see Andy Samberg showcase his DJ'ing skills as DAVINCII on Saturday Night Live. This outrageously funny portrayal of mainstream DJ's created quite a buzz amongst the Dance music community, receiving both positive and negative responses. In this skit, Samberg is portraied almost as a godlike figure who seems to be doing everything BUT DJ'ing, toying with the idea of when to drop the bass while his hand hovers over a button that literally says, "bass". His crazy antics on stage including him playing a game similar to candy crush on his computer, frying an egg, playing with trains, and more, promting the crowd to go absolutely insane and throw money and credit cards at him. This hysterical skit finally climaxed with Samberg "dropping the bass", and Lil' John screaming "Get Turn Up to Death", causing the crowds' heads to explode. 

As funny as the skit was, many people began to ask the question including myself as to whether or not this skit should be taken seriously. I mean is this what actually goes on when Deejays hop on the mainstage now adays to perform? Are they even doing anything, or are they just enthusiastically jumping around and telling the crowd to "get ready to fucking jump", and screaming into the mic? Was this actually an accurate portrayal of the way more mainstream Deejays are doing things nowadays and the ways in which all the money being thrown at them by companies and the people could represent selling out, or was it just a playful satire not holding too much truth? In my opinion this is a hysterical, but accurate portrayal on what goes on with mainstream Deejays, of course not to the extreme of playing candy crush on your computer, or frying an egg. 

Many Deejays are starting to break away from actually "working" on stage and focusing the majority of their attention on mixing, to more performance antics to please the crowd. I do not necessarily like this because at least for me, I want to go on a musical journey and I want the music to especially speak for itself. It is a little difficult to do this when the person you focus all of your attention on is telling you to jump every other 2 minutes. I am a much bigger fan of the dark club or even on a festival stage of the Deejay doing next to nothing in terms of crowd hype, and just playing tracks that he/she knows will get the crowd going or will create a connection with the crowd. Some Deejays such as John 00 Fleming say exactly that, on many occasions have voiced his frustration with the "brand" that Deejaying has become. The actual art of Deejaying has for the most part in the mainstream world gone out the window, and the focus on the music and the mixing vs. the crowd is slowly dimishing. That is why I feel as though the DAVINCI skit was so perfect, because while being outrageous and funnny, it oultined some of the issues with modern Deejaying today. 

Ill ask you guys though, how do you feel? Was the skit too much and a little too inaccurate, OR was it perhaps a satiracle way of demonstrating what is going on with modern and mainstream Deejays in the scene these days?