Gearing Up for Splash Fest 2 With Kap Slap

A couple days ago, in preparation of Kap Slap's Splash Fest 2 takeover, we did a twitter interview via the Splash Fest account with him to get a feel for how he got his start, and what we could expect from him come August 16th. Excited is an understatement as far as my attitude goes towards what Kap Slap is going to bring to the table. Besides being a seemingly funny, and nice guy, I definitely think he will bring the heat August 16th. Here are a few highlights from the interview:

Splash Fest 2 (East Side Entertainment): Welcome Kap Slap! Are you excited to be back in Philly for Splash Fest 2?

Kap Slap: So pumped! Philly always goes hard whenever Im there, can't wait to throw down!

Splash Fest 2 (East Side Entertainment): We can't wait to have you!

Kap Slap: Its going to be nuts!

Splash Fest 2 (East Side Entertainment): So we understand that you studied Business and Engineering at Lehigh. How did you get your start in music?

Kap Slap: I was always musical growing up. It started as a hobby and blew up from there!

Splash Fest 2 (East Side Entertainment): Who knew it would blossom into a MONSTER carrer? That is awesome! So what can you tell us about your name "Kap Slap"? How or why did you choose that name? 

Kap Slap: It was a drink my friend made. It consists of a funnel of beer followed by a shot of 151 on top.

Splash Fest 2 (East Side Entertainment): Oh wow that sounds pretty intense lol! Do you think we could do a Kap Slap with you at Splash Fest 2?

Kap Slap: Ohhhhh dear. It's been a while, but its not like Im going to say no...

Splash Fest 2 (East Side Entertainment): VERY much looking forward to this :p. So what was the ONE track that got you into dance music?

Kap Slap: The Tiesto remix of "Hide and Seek". It is a no brainer.

As you can see, Kap Slap is FULL of personality, and definitiely ready to bring the house down on August 16th! In the meantime, as a warmup, you can check out the latest episode of Kap Slap's podcast below. I know we can't wait.... can you?