Hop on the Hardstyle Shuttle from NYC to Philly for the Explode Tour at DIstrict N9NE featuring Headhunterz, Brennan Heart, DJ Isaac, and kardiaK!

LISTEN UP HARD DANCE LOVERS!  Do you want to be apart of the very first two-part Hardstyle shuttle?!  Boy, do we have something ridiculous in store for you.

First of all, us Hard Dance lovers and enthusiasts come few and far between. We ban together. We travel in flocks. And we love the SHIT out of the Harder Styles of Dance Music!!!

The situation:  On September 19th we are bringing you an event in Philly called the Explode Tour with HEADHUNTERZ, BRENNAN HEART, ISAAC, and KardiaK… A Hardstyle lovers absolute dream.  On September 28th, Hard Bass Massive is in NY at Amazura with Zatox, Darksiderz, (and many other amazing artists); an event that we have been planning on attending for months.  We decided to hit up Caffeine and Stimulant events, (the company’s behind Hard Bass Massive) and see if there was a way to put our heads together to jointly do something special for both of our events.

East Side Entertainment Explode Tour


That’s when the Hardstyle Shuttle was born!

The Hardstyle Shuttle is a crazy, safe, AND affordable way to get to and from the Explode Tour (as well as Hard Bass Massive a week later: Tickets for Hardstyle Shuttle part 2 sold separately).  SO: No sitting on the Megabus next to a bunch of strangers listening to your headphones to pregame, waiting around for the first bus to leave at 6am to get home, (hoping you make it across the city to catch it), for $30 round trip.

The Shuttle picks all passengers up in an agreed-upon location. It stops to get you food. It plays music. ALL of your fellow Hard Dance lovers are on board. It takes you RIGHT TO THE VENUE. It waits for you and your friends. It picks you up, takes you for food again if you so wish, AND it even has agreed to make a few different stops for drop offs! Seriously… can you beat that?  I didn’t think so ;)

Because of the sensitivity of time with this sort of thing, tickets MUST be purchased by Monday September 16th. First come first serve basis! Tickets are limited!

It doesn’t end the morning of September 20th.  A week or so later, East Side Electro and company will be making our way from Philly/NJ to Amazura in New York on September 28th for a grimy night at Hard Bass Massive.  SAME EXACT situation with the bus. Same price. Same epicness.  We will probably leave fromDistrict N9NE (the venue where Headhunterz will be the week before).

Buckle up, it’s time to shuffle up and down the turnpike!

(Spots on the shuttle are limited so please act fast if you would like a spot!)

Purchase tickets for the Hardstyle Shuttle HERE


Tickets to see Headhunterz, Brennan heart, Isaac

Tickets to Hard Bass Massive


1. Where is the bus leaving from in NY? Penn Station, NYC.

2. What time will the bus depart NY? Approximately 6:45pm

3. What time will I be back in NY? The event in Philly ends at 3. It’s up to when everyone decides to get back on the bus.  It also depends if everyone on the bus wants to stop for food.  Approximately 5am.

4. Where is the bus dropping me off? There will be a drop-off where the bus originally left from.  However, the bus company has agreed to make multiple stops for you! (If you are with a group going to one different location, etc.).