Animal House NYC After Party: 10 Reasons Why You Want to Attend

We all know what’s going on this weekend…..

And if you’re looking for a late-night remedy to keep you partying on and on to close out the summer, we have THE SPOT for you on Friday August 30th: ANIMAL HOUSE, baby. Where the true party animals come out to play…

East Side Electro has teamed up with Esscala Entertainment and Bad Kids Clothing to bring you an event at Santos Party House for your post-festival shenanigans! HERE ARE TEN REASONS WHY YOU WANT TO BE THERE:

1. SPEND LESS…WAY LESS.  We ALL want to keep the party going, but we DON’T always want to spend an arm and a fluffy for parties on TOP of the copious amounts we’re already spending on the festival itself. That’s why we have put together an event that is only $15 online ($20 at the door).

2. SWITCH IT UP. Give your ears a nice change of pace from hearing “Animals: duhduhduhduhduhduh duh. duh. duh.” at 9/10 sets you will attend all weekend.  With genres ranging from tech house/minimal/deep house to progressive/trance/psy trance, Animal House is sure to awaken your hidden animal from 11pm-4am on Friday 8/30.

In a sea of conformity…. be different.

3. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Newsflash: Just because you spend more $$money$$ on a party, DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN its quality will be any better.  Do you really think we would choose unworthy artists to spin the one and only ANIMAL HOUSE?  We’re all ready to prove to you what we’ve got.

4. NO RAVE BABIES. This event is strictly 21+. ‘Nuf Said.

5. THE BAD LIFE. Our beloved buds, Bad Kids Clothing, will have the WHOLE CREW in attendance.  If you don’t understand the caliber of this situation, you will. Animals were born to be BADDDDDD.

6. “LOCALS” DESERVE SUPPORT. (Although most of these guys have played all over with the major cream of the crop “DJs”).  Often I have thoroughly enjoyed someone’s set and found myself asking, “OMG WHO IS THIS?!” The unknown should not be the unexplored. You may surprise yourself when you realize how much more you enjoyed yourself during an Animal House set in comparison to Benassi’s closing.  These ESE/ESSCALA residents bust their asses to put on a great show, lets show them the support they too deserve.

7. VERSUS SETS.  Each DJ will be paired with a counterpart, where they will dual to the DJ deaths. We foresee this getting dark, dirty, and utterly INTENSE.

8. SKILLS UP, HANDS DOWN.  This will be a party where you literally can feel the vibes, melodies, and bass coursing through your body as a result of the ridiculous skill behind the decks… directly resulting in your inability to control your dance moves.

*DISCLAIMER: If the DJs hands are up in the air for longer than five seconds, you have our permission to get behind the decks and give those beat matching machines a little slap.

9. PLANNING.  Just because these guys aren’t playing on a main stage that night, doesn’t mean the same amount of prep work isn’t being put in. I do know that Mi5an7hropia and So Serious have some visually pleasing situations planned out……….

10.  WHY NOT?

Tickets and additional information can be found HERE


We seriously hope to see you animals on Friday. Feel free to e-mail with any questions or concerns.. we always love to chat with you guys!