Dance for a Cause at Splash Fest on 6/14

Many of us have lost someone we know or loved due to an accident which involved someone who was driving while intoxicated.  Six years ago on May 30th, 2008, I (Alexa) lost my cousin in an auto accident involving alcohol.  This unfortunate incident, and others like it, has taught many of us a hard lesson about the dangers of driving under the influence.

To jump ahead a bit: We recently ran into the group of people behind the brand 'Dance Kandy'.  Dance Kandy is a charitable company that specializes in handmade, specially-designed beaded jewelery from which no less than 10% of each sale is donated to charity.

Meeting the group behind Dance Kandy came at the exact time of my cousn's death anniversary; I knew it was fate in terms of weaving my cousin's scnenario into a charitable cause for an ESE show.

Just to provide some extra background on why this is so important to me:  My cousin was an avid dancer her entire life before she left this earth. Every year I sat in the audience at her recitals and watched her kill it.  Each weekend starting from the time we were young enough to go to the "underaged dance clubs" she would call me up and beg me to go out and dance with her (of course I wasn't allowed).  Dancing was my cousin's LIFE .. and dancing is a huge part of my life and a vital and major part of our Electronic Music culture.  I know it for a fact that if Nicole was still around, she would have taken her talents to the dancefloors of our rave culture.

In light of this anniversary and the subject in general, we have decided to team up with Dance Kandy.  Together, we will donate to the 'Nicole Stepen Scholarship Fund' which is a bank of money that is distributed to different causes at different times.  The latest charitable act from the fund was given to one of Nicole's childhood friends who was battlng cancer to help pay for wigs, hospital costs, and other elements relating to her situation. 

Where the money is going:

  • $1.00 from each bracelet and $2 from each necklace will go towards the fund.
  • A portion of the profits from the event's ticket sales will go towards the fund.

Dance Kandy will have all types of styles and designs, but they will also make two special designs specifically for this cause and event:

  • Keep Dancin'
  • Splash Fest

Not only are we donating to the fund, we have also teamed up with Uber to ensure you travel as safely as possible to and from Splash Fest.  New Ubers can use a promo code for an affordable and safe ride.

PROMO CODE : SplashSafe

Buy your tickets HERE for Splash Fest and help us dance for a great cause!

Rave resposibly and ALWAYS drive safely. It's never worth the risk <3

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-Team ESE