David Guetta's Tomorrowland Set: My View


I am sure by now we have all seen the almost immediate viral video of the end of David Guetta's set at the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium. Guetta seems almost out of touch with reality, and is definitely focused on something elsewhere, which is not the Tomorrowland crowd. His motionless intensity made everyone jump to the obvious conclusion; "he was clearly on drugs. Maybe acid or just ecstasy, but definitely drugs."  Although there is no evidence to back up either claim, mine or the drugs, I simply offer a different alternative to the current accusations:

The video is hysterical, but would David Guetta, a veteran DJ and Producer REALLY do drugs at one of the most famous, and largest EDM festivals in the world? I really do not think that this was the case. As I know many of us have heard, him and his wife recently got a divorce after 20 plus years of marriage, in which, Guetta got the shorter end of things. I am willing to bet that it wasn't the drugs that made Guetta space out, but the stress of what was going on in his life. Many people fail to realize that DJ's are human beings too, and sometimes when something really bad happens to us, it can be hard to recover quickly. I think judging by all of the things that Guetta has to deal with right now, he just had a moment where it was all too much to handle. You can almost say he "hit a wall", and just zoned out. 

I think that many of us do not understand the fact that some DJ's and Musicians deal with stress in difficult ways just as we do. Whether that is zoning out completely during a performance, canceling a show, or just not having that same noteable energy you usually have. Sometimes it all just hits us in the moment, and we are at a loss for words and expression. Sometimes we just to leave the moment, and go to a place of complete silence to help cope with whatever is going on in our lives at that time; Dj's and Musicians are no different. We all go through periods of struggles that manifest in different ways, and David Guetta is no different. It is important to keep that in mind next time you see one of your favorite DJ's, Musicians, etc. zone out into space, there may be more to the story that you do not understand. I'd also like to remind everyone that this is MY take, and MY opinion on the situation. He could have been on drugs, who knows? In my opinion he wasn't, but to jump to that conclusion automoatically is a little naive. We should never jump to conclusions regarding these types of situations.

AUTHOR: Matt Altman. You can chat with Matt on twitter @ThePsyKing