EDM Biz and EDC Vegas Experience: Recap

ESE Co-Owner Alexa received the SkyLight grant for females in the Electronic Music industry.  Read about her experiences at the EDM Biz Conference and EDC Vegas 2013!

We know, this post is a tad bit late… but better late than never, especially when the topic is about VEGAS BABY!  Part one covers noteworthy experiences from the trip, and part two will cover what we learned.

(As you may or may not know, I won a grant for female entrepreneurs in the Electronic Music industry.  Kerri Mason (Billboard’s EDM contributor) and Kaskade’s manager, Stephanie LeFera, awarded the SkyLight Grant).

Our Mentor Meeting w/ the One and Only Godfather of Raves: DISCO DONNIE -Our chat with Donnie was surreal.  We walked into the bar on the bottom level of the Cosmopolitan and were standing there like two nervous school girls on the first day of Junior High. After 10 minutes or so of awkward walking in circles around the bar, we started our mentor meeting. “Oh good… you guys got beers.  My first piece advice was going to be to always drink during a business meeting.”  Ah yes, what a perfect pairing for us ;)

Lex Talking on the Panel ‘We Are SkyLight: Meet Dance Music’s Future Female Leaders’ - When we walked into the conference room to pick up our packets and I actually saw my name on the board containing the speakers roster, I was so PUMPED.  Words really can’t describe how it felt seeing my name amongst the likes of people such as Pete Tong, Pasquale Rotella, Perry Farrell, and other major players in the world of entertainment and electronica.

Alexa Ahrem EDM Biz Speaker Roster

The SkyLight panel was the second day… I sat amongst the other two winners where we were able to talk about our business, our inspirations, and our paths. I am truly humbled by this experience and can only hope I make it back onto that panel in the future.

Alexa Ahrem EDM Biz Conference Speaker

Attending the Electric Daisy Carnival - After lots of meetings and constant networking all week, it was time for the reward!  Being veterans of EDC and also being in Vegas for business, we were able to experience EDC from a much different perspective this year.

Basscon at EDC Vegas

I walked into EDC solo and literally pulled out my phone and took massive amounts of videos and pictures for about an hour; I couldn’t believe my eyes.  The production was completely next-level this year, from the captivating 360 degree main stage with ginormous mushroom and daisy props to the unimaginable art installations; we were BLOWN away.  It’s not something easily explained to one who could not experience it first hand.

I can go on and on about the music, the production, etc. about EDC, so I’ll bring up one of the MANY noteworthy points: The 3D Altervision Blacklight Experience room. OH MY GOD.  You walk in…they give you some special glasses…and your world is transformed.  We were suckered into this separate dimension for probably an hour… It was like being a little curious kid again.  

We appreciate Insomniac’s and Pasquale’s knack for the details; details you can’t find at other massives.  No matter what crevice of the LV Motor Speedway you found yourself in at any moment.. you could guarantee there would be another experience waiting for you, ready to blow your mind all over again.

Meeting Dash Berlin - This experience in itself is pretty self-explanatory.

Dash Berlin

The Life-Long Friendships & Connections - EDM Biz opened so many doors for us in terms of the business connections we made, which we will always be thankful for.  We also made some life-long friends from the trip.  We immediately became family with Derek Sewaya, the owner of the lifestyle brand Khross who stayed in our room for the week… you’ll definitely be seeing some cool partnerships between East Side Electro and Khross in the future.  

Also the ladies of SkyLight, Kara and Amanda.  Down the road we plan to partner with Kara, owner of Signalfy, for a launch event when her SkyLight grant-winning app. expands into the Philly market.  

SkyLight Grant Winners

That was the beauty of our EDM Biz experience… It was ALL work and ALL play.  Electronic music brings people together with so much ease and intense passion…especially those who want nothing more than to keep driving this industry forward into exceptional places.  We loved every minute of our experience and are forever thankful…we will surely be back every year from here on out!