Ermahgerd Lasers! | Our Top Ten Pics of Savoy's CRAZY Lasers to get you Pumped for their Philly Show!

We scoured the web and put together our top ten favorite pictures of Savoy's live light show! Frikkin laser beams!

Savoy is hitting our city for their brand new tour: Mo Lasers, Mo Problems w/ Bright Lights!

If you're unfamiliar with the group: Savoy is a three-member band out of Boulder, Colorado made up of two DJs and one drummer. Their music embodies Rock influences mixed with elements from multiple Electronic genres. The production value of their music is truly top-notch for their uniquely eclectic style.

It's not just their musical style that's quite impressive, but their RIDICULOUS LIVE LASER LIGHT SHOW.  If you've seen Savoy's laser show before, we assume we'll be seeing you on 9/12 at District N9NE... If not, well, we're here to show you some pictures that just may persuade you otherwise!

(If lots and lots of face-melting lasers are your thing...then no problem! ;) We gotcha covered right here:)

Aggie Theater, CO 

Avalon, Hollywood: Lasers + fog = feels

A niiiice close up, for added comfort

 Red Rocks Amphitheatre 

From the back...

Dat symmetry doe....

The Hudson Project

In our city at The Blockley (RIP)  the last time Savoy performed here!

House of Blues, Boston

And the grand finale........... 

So, although there won't be any 'sharks with frikkin' laser beams attached to their heads'....

...We can say with confidence, that Savoy's multi-faceted laser light spectacle will leave any laser-lover in awe.

So our question to you: Do 'mo lasers' really mean 'mo problems'? Come find out the answer for yourself on September 12th at District N9NE!

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Listen to their newest single: