Exmag: 'Proportions' Is Born

Exmag’s full length album, available for download now on Exmag’s Soundcloud, brought full circle what was the best Fall show I attended in 2013.

I know this because I judge my enjoyment by how much sweat my t-shirt has accumulated by the end of the night. Other than being one of two precipitated t-shirts this Fall, I was wringing that baby out in front of the Trocadero this past October in Philadelphia.

Exmag is the brain-child of Pretty Lights Music recording artist Gramatik, whose own up-and-coming record label, Lowtemp, released ‘Proportions’.

Exmag was apart of Gramatik’s ‘Age of Reason’ Tour this past fall and consists of Eric Mendelson on the guitar, Tyler Dondero aka SuperNicer, Mike Iannatto, ILLUMNTR and of course Gramatik himself.

‘Proportions’ is an 18-track, 68-minute odyssey through some of the funkiest and soulful tunes I have heard in recent memory. Select tracks feature additional Lowtemp lineage in Branx and GiBBZ along with the dynamic wind and brass musician Russ Liquid and Jason Huber, of electro-pop duo Cherub. 

The album is downtempo at times with tracks like Zan or NuFunk Odyssey, as well as downright funktastic in songs like Give It To Me Right and Juke, showcasing Exmag’s ability to both encapsulate listeners in grooving slow motion one minute and then manifesting a soulful breakdown the next.

The album was a fresh reminder of the excellent performance that was the entire Age of Reason show in Philadelphia. The line-up had Gramatik headlining with support from Russ Liquid and “Special Guest” Exmag.

None of our crew knew much about Russ Liquid or Exmag, but the crowd saw Gramatik orchestrate an incredibly cohesive night of music. At any point in time, a combination of Russ Liquid, Gramatik, Eric Mendelson, GiBBZ, or Exmag were playing. It didn’t even matter.

At one point Russ was switching between a flute and a trumpet before looking out into the crowd and quickly whispering into his mic, “I love you guys,” to the hilarity of the crowd.

GiBBZ’s sprinted on stage and brought the place DOWN with Tilt Mode, Exmag’s (eventual) 9th song on their album. It was so perfect that I was in the middle of grooving my ass off and laughing hysterically. GiBBZ demeanor was so overly dramatic but he sang with such confidence and force that his hilarious presence made you question whether it was an act or not. He is also featured on Juke with Kianu.

The entire Age of Reason tour appears to have been a rousing success and Exmag represents another incredibly innovative creation by Gramatik. But you have to give it to the rest of Exmag and the entire Lowtemp family for putting out one damn good future funk and soul album while also bringing their positive vibes and blistering musical talent to every city.

Check out the album: