Feature Friday: Going it Alone, The Festival Family

When you think about festival season, one of the first things you think about is your “festival crew.” Your festival crew, no matter how big or how small, always holds a very dear place in your heart. These are the people you have spent the most magical weekends of your life with. But what about if you don’t have a festival crew? What if you just wanted to experience a festival all by yourself? Or if your friends just aren’t into it…

Last year, I went to EDC Orlando alone. I didn’t intend to go alone, but that is what ended up happening. Because of some miscommunication, I had found myself with no place to stay over the weekend: the person I was rooming with bailed last minute.  I ended up calling a friend, whom I had met at Electric Zoo, in tears.  This friend, was going to attend EDC Orlando with me, but decided not to attend. He lives in Florida, hence that is why he was the first person I had thought to call. He had called a friend of his, his best friend, and asked him to do him a favor: to come and pick me up from the airport and help me. That’s exactly what his friend did.

Within 15 minutes of that phone call, I was picked up from the airport. I was given a place to lay my head, food to eat and water to drink. I spent the weekend with my friend’s friend and his crew. I learned about their lives and their passions, their dreams and aspirations. We shared so much that weekend. I explored different genres of music with them and they explored my favorite kind of music with me. I went there alone, and I left with 4 new people I’m very proud to call my friends. They saved EDC for me.

I walked away from EDC Orlando with hope. This experience really restored my faith in good people. There are really kind people out there, and I’m so thankful to have been able to cross paths with people who seriously changed my outlook on life. They say you’re never alone when you’re at a festival. I truly believe that now.

Have you ever attened a festival on your own?  Would you ever be willing to?  Tell us your stories and opinions in the comments below!