Festival Season: How to Properly Prepare (That's Right, Now's the Time)

Festival season is right around the corner!! Here are some tips to help you prepare.

Preparation is a major part to an overall successful season.  I will walk you through some preparations that I have found to be helpful to me as well as others. Keep in mind: things happen, plans change, and you need to be prepared for anything!

Decisions Decisions: Deciding Which Fesitvals You Actually Want to Take Part In

Figuring out what you actually want to do and saving the money to get there is a job in itself.  Sometimes we find ourself in a predicament where we have to choose between the festival we actually want to go to and where our friends are going to be going.  You have to decide for yourself which part of the experience is more valuable to you: The music itself or the company you will keep.

Once you have figured some sort of agenda and financial plan, taking off of work is the next priority. It’s good to give your employer amble notice so you can work around any important days you may miss.  This is an obvious step, but I constantly see people miss out on a festival opportunity because they simply don't take off work.  Don't wait until the last minute!

Financially Planning

This process is not only stressful on our wallets, but the procedure of purchasing tickets seems to be confusing and drawn out. In some cases, tickets may not be available for purchase yet and we must wait for special presale days; ones where everyone and their mother are trying to buy tickets at once. Usually, we miss that boat and end up having to pay regular price a month later, but all in all, we end up with our tickets.

Mentally and Physically Preparing Your Body

Most people don’t think about how demanding festivals are on the mind and body, and even less people think to actually prepare in advance for what their bodies will go through.  We all go to the festivals for the music, but naturally we get caught up in the infectiously amazing environment: Late nights, warm climates, dehydration, dancing, lack of food, and other factors can put major stress on your body both physically and mentally. Exercising, sleeping well, proper diet, meditation, and taking vitamins and minerals are all great ways of preparing the body for festival mode. This process should be started months before the festivals, AKA now, and continued throughout the season.

I parake in a pre-festival season regiment every year and see major influences in my endurance and overall health during the season.  Three days straight of music and fun should be taken seriously; it's like preparing for a marathon!  Nobody wants to get to a festival and realize their body can't keep up.  Save your experience and make the most of your hard-earned money!

Packing Equipment and Necessities

Lastly, you should organize and check all your gear/necessities you may need prior, during, and after the festival. You may want to make a list to ensure you have everything, and to make sure nothing is broken or damaged.  Organizing this in advance will ensure you have plenty of time to fix, replace, or buy new items. You can never be too prepared. 

I will be putting together a gear checklist that I will share with you before the season takes off!

That’s just about everything I can recommend to prepare for an awesome festival season. Remember that everything usually falls into place (go with the flow), but being prepared always enhances the experience. I wish everyone a happy, eventful, awesome, and life changing festival season.  Go out there and have the best experiences of your life, but always remember to be safe and watch out for others. It’s time for festival mode 2014 and I hope to see you all out there!