Festival vs. Club: Your Opinion

It seems as though festival season started off with a bang this past weekend with amazing stories from MysterylandEDC NYMovement DetroitSMF, and more. Almost everyone I have talked to who went to a festival had nothing but entrancing stories, and amazing experiences to share with me, leading me to the ultimate forms of FOMO for not being able to attend at least one of them. There are people however, who went to a festival this past weekend had a blast, but still told me that they would have much rather seen their favorite artist perform in a more intimate venue with minimal lighting. This of course begs the question as to what people prefer and why? Are you more of a crowded, production, huge theatrics type of person, OR do you prefer being in a dark club with your favorite DJ barely doing anything except for mixing with a small group of people? 

We think of festivals as more of a summer thing for when the weather gets nicer out and we can be outside enjoying the music that we love. However, the club scene still goes strong during the summer months. Do people enjoy both, or is it one or the other? I unfortunately have never been to a festival, but I have seen many open to close sets in an intimate venue with a small crowd. I can safe say that I personally love that atmosphere. It is a true journey in which the DJ is very unpredicatable, and you have to truly trust what he/she is going to throw at you track wise. You are surrounded by people who most likely know the Deejay's music, and are there specifically for him or her vs. a festival in which you may only know a finite amount of artists performing, but your friends are going so you want to go along just for the ride, and you expect the artist you are there to see to play a more "festival" oriented or "Mainstage" set.

 Both provide unforgettable memories and experiences, and the answer comes down to preference. Ill leave it up to you guys: are you a festival person or a club person? Do you feel biased towards one or the other? Or do you like both, and can equally enjoy both of them? 

AUTHOR: Matt Altman 

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