Here's Why You Should be Partying at SPLASH FEST on 8/16!

Already coming to Splash Fest? F*ck yea! On the fence about coming or haven't thought much about it? Well, let us persuade you!

Lots of First Times

We all get to pop a few DJ cherries on the 16th.. o.O - Overwerk is making his USA touring AND Philly debut. This is Uberjakd's first time spinning here; Almond's first time as well. First times have to be made super special! ;) Leave the candles, bring the party and help us leave a STRONG Philly imprint on their brain!



There really is something for everyone; it's a melting pot of musical genres. Not going to get into specifics; but you can expect everything from funky, techy beats to grimey Dubstep and Glitch Hop. ..But fu*k genres, right?

A Philly Gem of a Venue

Bamboo Bar is pretty sick. It has a pool right off of the dance floor, a waterfall, a bridge over the pool, a Bamboo DJ Booth...plenty of outcoves to escape to.  It's not your average nightclub setting; it's truly something different for Philly! Perfect summer party setting!


Get Painted by a Body Painting Extraordinaire!

Mitchell painted at the first Splash Fest and everyone loved him and his art! He will paint YOU for FREE if you arrive early or when the doors open!


Good Music, Good Vibes

Not only does ESE strive to put on a great event with good music, we work to make the atmosphere welcoming and comfortable.  We've been praised many-a-times for our events having "organic vibes" - and we invite you to go green ;) and come experience them yourself.


THE PRICE for goodness sakes

We cannot stress this one enough. Currently, ticket price for this ENTIRE 8 hour, four headliner, multi-artist, multi-genre event is $27! We all know how much we all pay on a given night to see one artist in a nightclub. The going rate is AT LEAST $25+...and that's even low. Sometimes you have to pay upwards of $50+!! Think of all you are getting out of this for your money; it's more than just 4 hours in a dark nightclub waiting for a 1 1/2 hour DJ set from the artist you want to see.


Nothing screams 'summer' or 'party' like an 84 oz. fish bowl to lube ya up! 


Have you ever splashed around to live beats? We’re doing it Miami/Vegas style, right there in the city!


THE back-to-college College Event in Philly 

It’s almost time to pop out the agendas and tailgate football games.  But FIRST, make Splash Fest that pre-back-to-school summer BANGER you'll be talking about allllll semester… if you come, that is!


Get painted up, shop for rave gear, smoke some hookah, do it all!