Exclusive Interview with Psychedelic Mastermind, Simon Patterson

Originally, we were supposed to host a #Twitterview with the Psy-Master, Simon Patterson before the #Ignite show with him and MI5AN7HROPIA on 12/14.  But... we all know how that DJ life can be; forever riding the trains, planes, and automobiles from city to city and show to show.  Instead, we hosted the interview between ourselves and the @TranceInPhilly account with PsyPat's answers.  Read on for the full interview... [ Keep in mind this was a Twitterview, under 140 characters ;) ]


You have a unique style that is truly all your own. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

All genres of music. Producers that step out of the mould and push boundries.


Do you remember the first record you ever purchased?

Red Light District - Did You Hear Me


Do you have any projects that you're working on that you could share with us?

Trying to tweak my Astrix collab and finish off a number of tracks. Lots of the go!

[Now... this (typo?: 'lots of the go') can be interpreted in many was.  We put our own spin on it: 'lots of the Giuseppe Ottaviani' ...hehe.]


Do you have any more plans for the future with Night Vision?

Night Vision ended 3 years ago - hence Open Up! So unfort not! 



What has been your most memorable performance this past year?

Nature One and Avalon are stand out shows.


If you could collaborate with any artist of your choice, who would it be?

There was only one, and I'm grateful I have: Astrix. For me, no1 better.


#Openup has really taken the world by storm as one of the leading Trance radio shows on the air. Any special plans for #OpenUp50?

Those that listen to the show will be aware of what's in store. Picking the biggest tracks from each episode and mixing them into 1.


This is going to be your first performance in Philadelphia! What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of our city?

Getting thrown out of a bar that I was convinced I was djing at. Long story!