Our Plan to Fight the 'EDM Bubble'

EDM. It’s an acronym that is becoming all too familiar. It stands for Electronic Dance Music, which in a sense, is an accurate description of the music we promote. Music that is made through electronic means  that people dance too. The problem with the term “EDM” is that it brings a certain connotation along with it. It’s a term that didn’t exist a few years ago. It’s a term that, in a way, was developed by the media to easily categorize a growing trend of music, that before, was more underground. Now that electronic music has gotten so big, there is good reason to believe that it will reach its peak. It’s what is being described as the “EDM Bubble,” and all bubbles usually burst.

So what does this mean? Does it mean that, say, in the next few years when electronic music may finally surge and implode, drawing people away , that East Side Electro will follow suit? We certainly don’t think so, because for us, it’s always about the music. We hold electronic music close to our hearts, and in a way, we scoff at the term “EDM” because of the implications it carries. With this in mind, we’ve developed ways that we can ensure our continuing efforts in the industry.

How we plan on separating ourselves from competition and remaining relevant in the world of electronic music, even after (and if) the so called “EDM Bubble” were to ever burst:

-Allow for passion combined with business sense and knowledge of music to fuel the forward growth of East Side Electro and the electronic music industry

-Provide and cultivate a learning environment through our internship program which we are currently in the process of building and launching

-Offer innovative ways for consumers to spend money and prepare for nightlife/Electronic music events

-Take an innovative approach to the world of fashion in the scene and explore other routes of business

-Remain professional and considerate, and maintain ethical business practices

-Build a community of people and fans who love the music as much as we do

-Introduce under-explored artists and genres to Philadelphia and eventually other areas

As you can see, we are fully conscious of the state of the scene right now. We plan to adapt to the circumstances with which we face and develop an organization that will last. Right now is only just the beginning. We hope you continue to stick with us!