Our #Twitterview with Arnej

In preparation of Arnej's Philly debut with our Ignite Party tomorrow night at Flirt Lounge, we did a little Twitter interview with him last night. After asking various questions, I can safely say that we are in for a BIG treat Saturday night. Talking about everything from his styles to his upcoming projects, here are a couple highlights from the Twitterview last night!

East Side Entertainment: Hey Arnej! Happy to have you with us :)! Will this be your first time in Philly or have you been here before? We know its your DJ'ing debut!

Arnej: Only passing through a few times ;) 

East Side Entertainment: Your new release "Zero Hour" has received high praise from the Psy-Trance Family. Can we expect more Psy stuff from you? 

Arnej: It was fun! So yea probably will, maybe with Simon Patterson?

East Side Entertainment: Simon is one of our favorites! He slayed here in Philly. How did this whole project with Simon come about?

Arnej: We've played together so many times, so it was only a matter of time.

East Side Entertainment: Here's a doozie: What is your opinion on the current state of Trance?

Arnej: Its bigger than ever, despite what people may think, its great. 

East Side Entertainment: Great answer! What was your favorite b2b you've done recently?

Arnej: Set wise? It has to be my b2b with Simon Patterson (again this guy lol), we rammed some techno at 142 BPM!

East Side Entertainment: We just really can't escape him! What was the one record/artist that really turned you onto Dance Music? 

Arnej: I was a big fan of Man With No Name back in the days, that was my first venture into "trance", ironically enough, Psy/Goa.

East Side Entertainment: What came first for you... Producing or DJ'ing? 

Arnej: Definitely Producing! I didn't have any plans on becoming a DJ.

East Side Entertainment: Do yo have any pre-gig rituals?

Arnej:  Other than a clean shirt, nope, haha.

East Side Entertainment: What is the funniest thing that has ever happened at an event? Does it involve Simon Patterson? 

Arnej: Haha, recently, I think it may just involve Simon, him and a very "wobbly" floor :p.

Simon Patterson: Haha. It always involves me. Especially when you turn up with your usbs. 

East Side Entertainment: Throughout your career, have you had any other aliases?

Arnej: I started out with 8 Wonders

East Side Entertainment: Is there any track that you absolutely HAVE to play during a set?

Arnej: There are definitely tunes in my sets that I play for my own sake. Lately it has been Clouds - "Articles", the rework I did.

As you can see, tomorrow night is going to be one for the books, and I highly reccomend getting their early to catch Monoverse, and Matt Altman's sets as well. Get ready of a night of deep, dark, underground music and vibes, as we take a trip down the Rabbit Hole for what promises to be one of THE best parties Philly has all summer!