Ready to #DOWERK ? | Twitterview Highlights with OVERWERK

Yesterday we had the opportunity of doing a little Twitter interview with OVERWERK in preparation for his set at Splash Fest 2, August 16th. We discussed everything from production history and musical style, to where we can take him for a Cheesesteak. Here are a couple highlights from yesterday's interview.

Splash Fest (East Side Entertainment): Welcome OVERWERK! We are excited to have you with us! Are you ready for Philly August 16th?

OVERWERK: Thank you! I am absolutely looking forward to playing in Philadelphia and connecting with my fans over there.

Splash Fest (East Side Entertainment): Awesome! We can't wait to have you with us! So you feature a lot of score like string breakdowns in your tracks. Have you ever thought about film scoring?

OVERWERK: That is definitely on the horizon. I would love to score a movie!

Splash Fest (East Side Entertainment): That would definitely be pretty cool! So what can you tell us about your name "OVERWERK"? What does it mean, and how did you get it?

OVERWERK: It started with a graphic design project I was working on called, "Overworked". The "WERK" part is paying homage to Kraftwerk.

Splash Fest (East Side Entertainment): So where can we take you for Cheesesteaks after Splash Fest?

OVERWERK: I have never had a real Philly Cheesesteak before, so any suggestions?

Splash Fest (East Side Entertainment): We would reccomend either Pats or Genos!

Adding the the list of massive headliners for this event, OVERWERK is definitely going to bring his unique orchestral electro vibe to Splash Fest! Check out his new track "Exist" to get a little taste for what is to come at Splash Fest 2! The question is, are you ready to WERK with OVERWERK on August 16th?