Reasons Why You NEED to be at ESE's 7/26 Ignite Party w/ Arnej & Friends!

We're beyond ecstatic for this party... we can FEEL it's potential. We wrote this so you can understand why, and get just as excited as we are!


The Setting

From the club itself to the music and the overall vibes, this event SCREAMS underground. And we don't mean underground in the grimy, illegal warehouse party with sketchiness going down in every corner type of way (not knocking it, just for comparison reasons here), we mean that really intimate, beautiful dark lounge, with fast pumping, heart throbbing beats kind of underground.

Insane Musical Variety

There will be something for EVERYONE..even something for YOU reading this right now! Many bases will be covered; from Progressive/Deep Trance, Epic Trance and Hard Trance to hard, pounding Techno, Psychedelic feels and everything else in between. It will be a musical melting pot of everything energizing and passionate. But it won't be all over the place; it's one of those things where it starts in one place and swiftfly progresses itself somewhere completely different and deeper; a journey. Where time is nonexistent.

Arnej's Epicness Lately

It's all about keeping up with the times and re-inventing yourself, and Arnej has been doing exactly that WITHOUT being labeled as a sell out. From his 142.5 BPM Techno B2B with Simon Patterson at Digital Dreams and his new Techno project collab with Simon to his crazy Trance b2b with Bryan Kearney, he's throwing curveballs left and right... and boy are we intrigued and highly entertained.  Nobody knows what he's going to spin next Saturday, it's completely unpredictable, and that's the beauty of it...There leaves so much to the imagination. No matter what, we know it's going to be mind blowing and fierce.

Extremely Affordable x More BANG for your Buck

Along with your heart, mind, and soul, your wallet will also leave feeling at peace (tickets can be purchased for only $12 HERE).  For what you are getting out of this night, from the music to the setting, this value is a steal. Not to mention drink prices at Flirt are some of the most affordable out of any club in the city (We're talking $3 for beers ripoffs).


ESE is ALL about good music and good vibes...And this isn't just our tagline. Our attitude as a team and the setting we strive to create screams an organic, welcoming, judgment-free atmosphere. Check out some testimonials HERE. We encourage you to come see, and feel, for yourself.  (Plus the staff at Flit is nothing but friendly and helpful!)


Do you really want to be that person who entertains the idea of going but then has to hear about it from his/her friends later on that it was one of the BEST parties Philly experienced all summer?  What are you opting out for...? Just don't be that guy or gal! 

Come out. Be inspired. Open your minds. F*ck s*it up on the dance floor. Make new connections. Then leave feeling complete and inspired.


Flirt is only a couple hundred person lounge with a personably-placed/sized DJ booth and great, encompassing sound. There is a closeness about this club that we really enjoy; you feel one with the DJs, music, people, and event as a whole; never disconnected or left out.

Trance + Techno Lovers Paradise

If you LOVE or even remotely like trance or Techno, this is the event you NEED to be at on this night.

Lots of First Times

It's Arnej's Philly debut as long as Monoverse and Matt.  Imagine how pumped they are to prove themselves. They're all ready to throw down some fire.



Set your world on fire: #IgniteYourLife / #IgniteYourNight

Underground freaks commence and prepare for the ultimate rabbit hole!

View event details HERE!