Reasons YOU Need to be at District N9NE Going Hard With Style with Headhunterz & Coone!

We put together a list of reasons why YOU need to be at District N9NE this Friday going crazy with us, Headhunterz, and Coone!  Whether you're a Hardstyle/Jumpstyle fanatic or curious about the genre...there's a reason for everyone to join the madness!

1. Hard Dance events in Philly come few and far between. If you love to stomp, jump, and shuffle to 140+ BPM Music, this may be your one and only chance to do so in Philly for a while. And if you've been meaning to dabble in the harder styles of dance music, WELL...Friday is the perfect chance, because who knows when it will be back JUMP on it!

2. Hardstyle is perfect for taking out your frustrations. Boss piss you off this week? Teacher give you incredibly too much homework? Boyfriend really grind your gears? Didn't you know that Hardstyle is the perfect way to stomp it all out of your system? ;) Come let it all loose.

3. The energy.  Hard Dance lovers united as one all losing our sh*t in unison on the dance floor is a great feeling. Plus, Heady's uniquely energetic stage presence makes you feel like you're really apart of a Hardstyle movement, or cult =x if you will. 

4. The People. No, it's not Halloween, but you may just spot Waldo, a man in a green skin suit, or a squid. Hardstyle fans know how to party and entertain.

  5. The Dancing. Hard Dance speaks directly to many different forms of dancing styles such as Jump Style, HardJump Shuffling, and many more.  Fun to watch, even more fun to try.

6. It's Coone's first time playing in Philly!  So get off your booties, come out, and give him a proper Philly welcoming! The dance floor is where you want to be ;)

7. The evolution of Hardstyle appeals to a wider range of Dance Music lovers, so even if you haven't dabbled in the genre yet, now is a great time to dive in.  Headhunterz has been doing a LOT of experimenting in terms of blending his harder styles of production with other artists's styles such as Oliver Heldens, W&W, and Martin Garrix.

Check out this recent release. It stays true to the Hardstyle sound but also has Trap influences throughout it. Super catchy! 

Get ready to turn it UP MANYYYYYY notches. Show us what you got!'

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