Ride the Mystery Bus | Round Trip Bus Transportation for Mysteryland!

Calling all Nomads! All aboard the MYSTERY BUS!

Please leave all questions, comments, and concerns in the comments section below. 

That's right, we've organized a rountrip bus from Philadelphia and New Jersey to the scared grounds of Bethel Woods, NY for Mysteryland.  Read on for all you need to know about the bus! Tickets and information regarding Mysteryland can be found here: www.mysteryland.us

Round trip bus tickets are $70. (These prices also include the required gratuity for the bus driver).  Please do not wait to purchase your ticket, and get all of your friends on board!

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All Mysteryland attendees alike looking for an easy, fun, affordable, and laid-back, GUARANTEED ride to and from Mysteryland.



A roundtrip coach bus supplying a ride to and from Mysteryland- picking up and dropping off in Philadelphia and New Jersey, and traveling to Bethel, NY.



Departing Philadelphia: May 23rd from Philadelphia, PA at 30th Street Station at 8am.  (PLEASE arrive at least 30-45 minutes early to ensure you don't miss your ride!)

Departing New Jersey: Approx. two hours after the Philly departure time.

We will be arriving at Bethel Woods on FRIDAY, which is the day of the pre-party for all people who are camping at ML. Doors open at 11am.

All times are subject to change within a certain window. We will live tweet locations so you know the exact location of the bus at all times.



-Departure Location: Philadelphia 30th Street Station (The hub for all public transportation). 

-New Jersey: First stop is at the Joyce Kilmer Service Area and second is the Vince Lombardi Service Area. 


Why Should I Do This?

-Plenty of storage room for your camping gear and luggage underneath the bus.

-Avoid coordinating rides in cramped cars.

-Avoid paying for a parking pass at the camp grounds

-Get dropped off right in front of the camping gates, rather than lugging your gear from your parking spot to the camp ground.

-Party before the party begins! Yes, we can drink on the bus. Music will be playing...blasting, of course.

-Save trips to the gas station, and save your gas money!

-Leave the toll booths to the driver

-Comfort: Reclining seats and bathroom on board.

-Arrive to and from the festival with little hassle, and safely!

-Good vibes will be on overload, WE'RE GOING TO WOODSTOCK BABY!

-The one-of-a-kind, amazing experience! Why wouldn't you want to hang with, party with, and get to know a bunch of other Nomads traveling to the same location for the same wonderful experience?



1. Can we stop at a grocery store or Walmart (or something like that) along the way?

YES. We can stop if you need last minute camping supplies, food, water, etc. AND IF IT IS EN ROUTE.

2. Can I drink alcohol on the bus?




Bus Rules: Be respectful and be on time!