The Dance Community

Austin Meyer recaps his time at Camp Bisco and also touches on the community around the Dance Music space.

I recently had the privilege of attending Camp Bisco, a 3 day festival outside of Albany. New York. This was the first festival I have ever attended in my life. The experience is something that is hard to put into words, but I will say this: I know that I have picked the right community to make myself a part of. After this past weekend, I couldn’t be more sure of that.

Almost immediately, I felt as though I had walked into something that had been going on for years. A community, a gathering of people all there for the same purpose: to have an adventure. People travelled from all over to experience the music, the sights, and to gather together and escape reality. Everywhere I looked I saw people hanging out, totems flying in the air made out of any random thing you could think of, glovers and hoopers responding to the music. Good vibes were everywhere.

At the end of the weekend, as I reflect, I am struck by how many coincidences there were. I met many random people who I later found out I had other connections to. Since I took a shuttle, I met a girl who I saw throughout the week around the grounds. I later learned her best friend was a girl I went to high school with. I also ran into a guy named Derek Sawaya, who you may know as one of the forces behind Khross, the clothing company who is also a supporter of ESE. I met another girl who was the editor for a blog I almost wrote for, and she recognized my name. Because of this connection we ended up hanging out a lot over the weekend. You may see these things as mere coincidences, but to be honest, if it weren’t for this community of dance music lovers, and my going to Bisco, I wouldn’t have made these new friendships.

At East Side Electro, we recognize this community that has budded around our feet, and we are working to cultivate it. Each day we come up with new ideas for how to bring people together, because in this world that is what is really important. It is our hope that you continue to follow us as we bring you more opportunities to laugh, to sing, and to be yourself all to the greatest soundtracks out there. At the end of the weekend I am humbled by my experience, and I am reminded that we have developed such a great community here at ESE. 

Stick around to see what’s in store.