The Digital Age of Deejaying: Your Preference

We may or may not like it, but we are currently living in the digital age of Deejaying which, for most, is new and exciting, but for some maybe isn't the best thing in the world. As many of you may or may not know, many of the Deejays you love that have been around for a while started mixing on Vinyl records and a mixer. There were no labtops involved, no USBs, just records. As time goes on however, the technology advances and changes into some of the most advanced equipment we have access to now. 

While some still might prefer to mix on Vinyl, it has become more and more difficult to do so, seeing as the club standard (for the most part) has moved from vinyl to what I call the "Pioneer Setup". This consists of CDJs and a Pioneer DJM mixer. Many if not all of the big names know their way around, and frequently use this setup to DJ both at clubs and festivals. The CDJs have enabled many to load up an entire library of music onto USBs, then plug in and go, making music selection easier and more fluid. The pioneer setup isn't the only major advance in Deejaying we see popping up though. Many are starting to use Native Intrument's Traktor, both utilizing the software as well as the hardware, such as their controllers (S2, S4) and mixers. For those who are not familiar with Traktor, it is a digital Deejaying program that enables you to do many things aside from just straight mixing, including live remixes and mashups. Artists such as ZeddPorter RobinsonIlan Bluestone, and Richie Hawtinare avid users of Traktor.

The DAW (Digital Audio Work Station) Ableton have released a piece of equipment similar to Novation's Launchpad that can help you program tracks to make live DJ mixes. Artists, such as Madeon use the launchpad, which helps to create both unique and very interesting sounds and sets. The world of electronic music has come a very long way technologically, especially with regards to deejaying. So I ask all my DJ friends out there; what is your hardware preference? Are you a vinyl person, a CDJ person, or a traktor person? What do you like to and feel most comfortable mixing on? 

AUTHOR: Matt Altman, Chat with him on twitter @MTeam140