The DJ Booth Horde: How Does It Make You Feel?

We've all seen it. The horde of people gathered behind the DJ inside of the DJ BOOTH. Are they DJing? Of course not. 

Then WHY are they there?

Maybe it's not really that big of a deal...maybe it is. We're just curious to find out how it makes you feel seeing a huge group of people standing booty to you-know-what behind the DJ while he does his thing rather than out on the floor dancing like everyone else.

We get it. There's always a friend, sister, brother, mother, promoter, manager, butt kisser, DJ's best friend's sisters's friend who knows the DJ and wants everyone to know they know the on and so forth. But how does it look from the crowd's point of view? Does it take your attention away from what you're really there for? Does it make you wonder why you're not "cool enough" to be behind the DJ booth as well?  Do you agree that the DJ's space in the booth should be reserved solely for the DJ or do you really not care?  Let us know in the comments.

Our feelings? If you ain't the DJ, get out of the booth!

In the words of D-Addiction.. "If you haven't DANCED YET, what the f**k did you come for?!"