Throwback Thursday w/ Wolfgang Gartner: Philly Style

Wolfgang is one of those artists that, when you go back and listen to older tracks, invokes extremely nostalgic and familiar emotions inside of you. Like, "Oh My God....Yea, this track..I remember this...certified banger." Wolfgang has definitely distinguished himself a pioneer of an "authentic Electro" sound; sophisticated and tasteful Electro House, if you will.

In light of his current tour (based around his latest release "Unholy") stopping by the city of brotherly love on Feb. 6th, we're taking a trip down memory lane. Throwing it back with previous Philly memories as well as some classic tracks:

'That Wolfgang show @ Starlight Ballroom'. May 2011. Circa Space Junk.

Dancegiving @ The Electric Factory. November 2011.

In the tent @ Loaded Festival 2012. Talk about a sweat-fest.

Dance Stage @ Made In America 2013.

Or there's this...because if you know Wolfgang, you know there's a treasure chest full of quality bangers to really bring you back; back when big room wasn't even merely a prospective seed in the love sac of Dance Music.

Take a gander at this interview with Wolfgang from a few days ago. [ Q: "Where do you think dance music has to go sonically to move forward?" A: "It needs its soul back." ]

After reading that interview, and after not having seen Wolfgang live for quite some time, we are definitely intrigued and curious as to how his set will shape up...but I do have an inkling that it will be a pleasant surprise.


Have any crazy memories from any of these past shows? Do tell!