Top 5 GIFs of Splash Fest

Why not do some more reminiscing of this epic gif form?!  Enjoy :)

The Ultimate Master of Ceremonies

Austin Blakley, AKA So Serious (Our resident DJ) AKA MC Blake, (as we deemed him the night of Splash Fest), KILLED IT on the mic. Let us tell you... this s*it came out of NOWHERE.  We wanted to turn him into our resident MC rather than DJ that day. He was the reason that dance floor went from adequate to mega-rager in the matter of minutes.  MC Blizzzaaake, we salute you sir.

Hoop Chick Killin' the Hoop Game

This chicas hooplah skills were on point. 

We literally had the raver Jabbawockeez in the house...

Float like a butta-fly.

The Super Speaker Shuffle

A true 'GO! GO! GO! GO!' moment.


Uberjak'd went from super spent, I-want-to-head-back-to-the-hotel mode, to F*CK CHIPS in the matter of minutes. 

(We're still waiting for him to announce that the title of his next single is 'F*ck Chips' ... yes, this moment was THAT epic. We even broke out into a chip shuffle on top of the Herr's.  We're just glad our green room snacks were used in the most epic fashion possible.)

So there it is, our top favorite gifs of Splash Fest.

Can you tell we're dragging this one out? This party was just TOO GOOD.  Please don't leave us, sweet summa!