Are reliable, business-minded people in the music biz hard to come by when seeking marketing partners? Do you want people to treat your event & your money like its their own on the line? 

We've been on the line, so we get it. We're YOUR reliable partner.

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Social Media 
Marketing & 

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Creative Marketing Strategies & PR

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Email & Content Marketing

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Graphic Design

Social media marketing that works. Anyone can "do" social media, but few can master it. Here at ESE we have the know how and experience to develop, implement and manage a results driven social media campaign. ESE provides you with timely analytical updates so that you know you're getting what you pay for.


ESE develops a full scale marketing and PR campaign unique to every project. We implement innovative marketing strategies that drive conversions and expand reach at a much faster pace than traditional marketing methods. We get your message out: loud & clear. See it work for you first hand, we guarantee you will be impressed. 


ESE has a large email subscriber list spanning the entire country, with a heavy concentration of east coast subscribers. ESE creates beautiful email blasts and has mastered a formula for maximizing open and click rates. ESE develops the content that is necessary for the success of a full scale marketing plan.


ESE designs creative and unique graphics for all types of promotional efforts, as well as videos for use in marketing efforts. Boring doesn't cut it in this industry, and we get that. Standing out in a competitive market is tough, so we create the necessary and useful materials to do so. We also create unique industry-specific apparel & accessory lines. 

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Business Development


Great business is about connecting people and learning how to leverage relationships. ESE can pinpoint strategic partners that will help you and your business grow, and will execute ongoing, mutually-beneficial partnerships to keep the relationship going strong.