"Amazing company to work with! They treat their talent very well and do a great job hosting events with professionalism." - DJ Michael Berry

"East Side Ent. has their finger on the pulse... and you better believe that whoever they are bringing out for a show is going to kill it and blow your mind, and make a fan out of every person in the room." -Bad Kids Clothing

"One of the very few companies who 'do it right'" - Syfer, Producer/DJ

"After having been to a couple of ESE events I can say they are my favorite company in Philadelphia. They are not afraid to take risks and take into account what the people want and who they want to see. Their events are by far my favorite and they have the friendliest atmosphere" - Matt Altman, ESE Intern and House DJ

"...they could't touch the feel you guys bring." -Blogger and Guest

"Awesome company, hosted with extreme professionalism and a lot of fun to be at their events." - David Cohen, ESE Event Guest

"Whoever picks your bookings has an exceptional taste in music." -Event Attendee